18. Losing It All and Coming Back Better Than Ever with Sophie Zollman
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18. Losing It All and Coming Back Better Than Ever with Sophie Zollman
January 24, 2022
Sophie started her business to support her family financially, and the moment she lost her six-figure business, she crumbled. With her family's support, she re-established her business and grew into something even bigger and more successful than before. Listen to her out as she shares her story about how she was able to start over with the support and love of her family!
The last few years have been filled with ups and downs for everyone, whether in business, career, or personal life. But, how many of us are courageous enough to get back up when we fall and use our challenges as learning experiences? 
Sophie Zollman is here on the show today to share with us how she came back stronger when she lost her six-figure business and the importance of your loved ones supporting you through the rough times.
Sophie is a Certified Online Business Manager, Social Media Manager, and Customer Acquisition Specialist who helps successful coaches and consultants ready for next-level marketing, operations, and admin services to scale their business. She is also the host of the podcast called Building Your Empire with SophieZo!
We talked about how she lost all her business in 2019 and came back better than ever. Her story is going to be an inspiration to a lot of people who are going through some hard times right now!

Here's what you'll learn in this episode: